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Don Schlueter is President and founder of Warwick Group Inc., a management consulting firm based in the Chicago suburb of La Grange, IL.  Mr. Schlueter has over 30 years of executive leadership as CEO and President with full P&L responsibility for industrial manufacturing companies ranging from $10 to $200 million in revenue, supplying consumer and durable goods to both domestic and international markets. His broad experience spans small private entrepreneurial companies, two LBOs and major divisions of three Fortune 500 companies – Baker Hughes, Terex and Babcock Industries.

Mr. Schlueter has a strong and diverse hands-on leadership background in successful turnaround and growth of manufacturing companies, both in union and non-union environments.  He has successfully employed team building, strategic marketing, market-driven product development, financial budgeting and controls and a broad spectrum of manufacturing efficiency improvements. He has extensive international experience in negotiating joint ventures, technology transfers, manufacturing licensing and other global business partnerships.  He has managed, manufactured and sold profitably in North and South America, Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim, including living and managing in Scotland.

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Truly, instead of going through multiple management books and gurus, I asked Don to implement EOS for Ceannate. And it has worked out well. The leadership team created a flexible format within that of EOS, much to Don’s chagrin, but he helped us build it. Many things from communication to team work, along with timeliness has improved. And we have not lost our agility, and are in fact, quicker to change and faster to improvise. I expect this discipline to continue in the years to come.

Balaji Rajan, President & CEO Ceannate Corp

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