On behalf of three of our portfolio companies, I want to express my deep and sincere gratitude for all you have done to lead the implementation process of EOS. As we are well aware, EOS has not only offered us an improvement to our current operating models, it has changed to foundations at their core. It has allowed us to move each business forward at a rate that we almost couldn’t have imagined. I recognize that the structure and process of EOS in itself would be transformative for the businesses. However, I also appreciate that just having the map…without the guide…would be only be half the story. We have greatly appreciated your guidance and leadership. EOS, combined with your skills, has permanently and positively altered our future. For that…on behalf of myself, our shareholders…and most importantly our employees, we all say thank you.

Justin C. Heymani, Acuity Capital Partners, LLC

Truly, instead of going through multiple management books and gurus, I asked Don to implement EOS for Ceannate. And it has worked out well. The leadership team created a flexible format within that of EOS, much to Don’s chagrin, but he helped us build it. Many things from communication to team work, along with timeliness has improved. And we have not lost our agility, and are in fact, quicker to change and faster to improvise. I expect this discipline to continue in the years to come.

Balaji Rajan, President & CEO Ceannate Corp

We have a 12 year old company that has experienced solid growth in reaching $15.5 million in sales this year. The growth in our business has resulted in many positives, but the most difficult aspect of the growth has been keeping our team aligned with our direction. Although some of us knew the direction, our vision was not fully explained to everyone in the organization.

Along came EOSand Traction. The EOS Process™ has allowed us to fully articulate our vision, values, and processes to everyone in the company. EOS has also forced us to identify some of the biggest issues that have lingered for years, and solve them forever. This process is very simple and straightforward
and has helped us make major progress in a very short period of time. EOS is a total system for running all aspects of your business. It is one of the best tools I have found to get your whole team behind your vision and inspired to take focused action.

Don Schlueter has been masterful in helping us implement the tools of EOS within a short time. I would highly recommend Traction™, EOS, and Don to implement the process in your organization. After a bachelor’s degree in business, MBA, and countless business books, EOS may be the most practical system I have found to move our business forward.

Justin Bartley, President Next Door & Window

I recommend Don Schlueter as an EOS facilitator based on the success he has delivered here at Fidelitone among the two divisions he is currently working with. Don is a skilled facilitator, and he fully leverages over 30 years of leadership as President within numerous companies. His significant experience and expertise enables Don to share sage advice on growing your business, as well as thoughtful insights on building a winning team.

I am confident that you will be successful with EOS, and highly satisfied with Don Schlueter.

Patrick Mitten, President Fidelitone Logistics

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Don Schlueter for 10 years now. Don has helped me professionally understand our business as we have worked thru significant changes with positive results. I strongly recommend Don Schlueter because he has always worked hard with me, and Don has a tremendous ability to analyze business situations and assist in putting together company goals. He is very reliable in his advice in how to achieve those goals, and has taught us the need for accountability in order to succeed.

Don is very practical and provides options that are reasonable and attainable. He has been a tremendous asset and our relationship has been absolutely invaluable to me.

His business experience and advice is shared freely and helpful to develop and retain a great management team. I cannot say enough positive things as he has helped us in so many ways over our time spent working together! Don is a true professional and a man of integrity. He is that other set of eyes that every business owner would enjoy having help to improve his business.

Thanks Don!

Rich Jousma, President First Choice Logistics, Inc.

The EOS Process™ has made a significant impact on the way our company conducts business and has impacted our customers, employees and management team in a positive way.

In the four years since implementing the EOS Process™, 3Points has increased revenues by 60 percent with more than $5 million in sales. Without a doubt, we attribute much of that increase and success to your help, skill and experience in guiding us through the EOS implementation which has changed everything.

I encourage all small business owners to implement the EOS Process™. Employees will be empowered with a common language that will inspire collaboration and create a laser beam focus in setting and achieving realistic goals with measurable results.

Having a work/life balance is critical to all of us at 3Points, and the EOS Process™ has been the fulcrum to that perfect balance while being a launch pad for growth and a foundation for each of us to “live out” our company values.

Thank you, Don!

Kevin Doyle, Co-Founder and President 3Points, LLC

The EOS process™ helped us easily define our company’s strengths and improvement areas. Before EOS, it was fairly difficult to efficiently solve larger, multi-departmental issues. With my leadership team on board, these issues are easily delegated and solved, allowing for “next-generation issues” to arise and be solved, as well as innovations and new technology to be discussed and flow into our company without hesitation. The structure of the meetings and the simple rules that need to be followed were embraced by the entire leadership team and allow for their creativeness and best talents to drive our success.

Gregory A. Parr, President Frontier Construction

Don has helped our business become more organized, effective and efficent. Prior to implementing EOS, we were not planning as effectively as we should have been and accountability of the staff was weak. The EOS system has provided a blueprint for us to move forward. As an implementor, Don has done a great job. A positive, non-threatening presentor that knows how to assist a business in getting the best from its team. I would highly recommend Don and the EOS system to any business that wants to move forward!

Jeff Keiser, COO First Choice Logistics, Inc.

Don, as the expert EOS implementer, helped our leadership team define our strengths and improvement areas through the EOS process™. I highly recommend Don for his unwavering leadership, customer focus, vast knowledge/experience, and practical suggestions.

Michael Parr, Project Manager Parr Construction, Inc.

We’ve been working with Don since 2006 as our facilitator on The Alternate Board and now for the EOS Traction process™. Don has been a tremendous help in mentoring us developing our business. The new EOS Traction process™ (discovered through TAB) Don is facilitating holds tremendous value for small and mid size businesses.

Ed Bonnema, Vice President, Operations Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc.

I rely on Don’s outside business view, when it comes to sensitive situations, in the course of running my business. His perspective is always welcome. He really cares about me and the success of my business!

Frank Lacny, President American Combustion Service, Inc

I have know Don for quite a while. He has been an important contributor to my success in my buusinesses. His experience is vast, he always knows what to do because he has done it before. Now with EOS he can show you how to run your company easier and better.

Kurt Karlson, Owner/President Illinois Auto Group

Don Schlueter has been a business coach and mentor of mine for many years. Don has help guide our company, 3-Points, LLC, through the full-spectrum of business issues, included contract negotiations, employment challenges, capital and cash flow constraints, and strategic planning and budgeting. Through all of it, Don’s steady and deliberate style has helped us create a very stable business model, a wonderful client base, an engaged workforce, and an enjoyable atmosphere. I would (and do) recommend Don as a business coach / mentor to every small business owner in the Greater Chicago-land Area.

Steven Banke, Founder and CEO 3-Points, LLC

I have been fortunate to work with Don Schlueter in various roles and capacities for over 10 years now. Don has a gifted business mind and a unique ability to communicate and facilitate through relationships with people. His hard work ethic and vast experience through many years across industry and market segments both domestically and internationally give him the unique ability to positively impact your business. Throughout variable business climates Don has been a solid rock for our company to lean on to aid in providing sound practical business decisions through proven methodology. When looking for a business advisor / coach / mentor you need someone that can provide the accurate outside view and communicate with you towards practical means to achieve your goals. For both myself individually as well as our team, our relationship with Don has been invaluable. Don, thanks for the growth and development for the past 10 years and look forward to many more!

Luke Jousma, General Manager First Choice Logistics, Inc.

We’ve worked with Don since 2006 as our TAB (The Alternative Board) facilitator. Don’s depth of experience means he’s able to draw from a great body of knowledge as he works with me to address the varied problems small business owners face. More recently, Don has introduced the EOS system to our management team where he drives his expertise and enhanced structure throughout the organization, strengthening accountability and focusing team efforts on issues having the biggest impact. Don and the EOS system are helping Meyer build a more goal oriented company with focus on getting (the right) things done!

Eileen Cunningham, President Meyer Tool & Mfg., Inc.

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